Line Striping & Pavement Markings

First impressions are important to your business and your parking lot is the FIRST and LAST thing that all your customer’s see. Maintaining your parking lines and markings will greatly improve the overall appearance of your property and make it easy to navigate while keeping your customers and their vehicles safe.

Safe Parking Lots are No Accident.

As you may already know, asphalt-paved parking lots will require maintenance from time to time. One of the least expensive maintenance techniques is to re-paint the lines & markings to improve the overall look of the existing pavement. Re-painting of an asphalt parking lot is usually recommended every couple years. The frequency will likely depend on the amount of wear and tear to the parking lot caused by the volume of traffic, usage and extreme weather conditions.

Line striping using high-quality traffic paint in your parking lot is important for a number of reasons. By using high quality traffic paint, you will ensure a greater life expectancy for the clean look of your paved lot. Aside from aesthetic value, the striping also serves the important function of clearly demarcating individual parking spaces, and directing parking lot traffic to ensure safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

We only use Sherwin Williams Setfast Traffic Paint that conforms to Federal Spec TT-P-1952E Type II and State Low VOC environmental regulations. Our experience and pride in our work is reflected in every job we do.

Layout Design Options

The straight drive-in design (90°) always allows for the most parking spaces with two way traffic. In some instances angled stalls (45°, 60° or 75°) can be the only option. Angled stalls can be easier for drivers to turn into and back out of and require a narrower driving lane. Angled stalls provide a controlled one way traffic flow, but will use more square feet of the parking lot.

Acting as a prime contractor or sub contractor, we specialize in difficult new striping layouts large or small. In addition, we have the capabilities to re-stripe very large parking lots in mere hours, thereby limiting any traffic control problems or impact on your business.

Pavement Marking Services Include:
Blueprint Layouts
ADA Compliant Parking 
No Parking & Fire Lane Zones 
Traffic Control Markings
Numbering & Lettering of Stalls
Curb Painting
Business Logos
Custom Stenciling
Temporary Markings 
Line Removal & Masking (Black-out)

M&M Line Painting - Line Striping
M&M Line Painting - Line Striping
M&M Line Painting - Line Striping
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